About B

Hello, I’m B (which is short for Birgit) and Garden B was born through a combination of my

  • shifting career focus – from aiming for status and recognition (during my 15-year corporate career) to pursuing purpose and fulfillment (via more entrepreneurial endeavors such as wellbeing focused freelance copywriting);
  • transforming our own garden and experiencing deep joy and wellbeing from it – both, from the actual (initial and ongoing) work as well as from the oasis it has become; and
  • getting a real heartache from witnessing a litter pandemic (here in the UK), but not knowing how to make both, a difference and a living, by trying to help heal this crisis.

I basically reached a point when …

  • my passion – not just for gardens (and nature), but for our homes; and not just for gardening, but generally for caring about our surroundings;
  • my belief – in the wellbeing boosting qualities, again of both, our environment itself as well as our attention to and care for it;
  • my desire – to make a more meaningful and wellbeing-focused contribution to people’s lives as well as wider society; and
  • my vision – to cause a ripple effect by passing on the ‘caring bug’ from one neighbour, garden, driveway and street to the next, and our planet as a whole;

collided and led me to go for it … and swap the laptop for the wellies :)

I’m happy to look after established gardens as well as give neglected gardens a makeover. All to bring you joy and boost your wellbeing.

For an initial chat about your garden needs, contact me today!

To all our wellbeing!

Garden B (for Birgit)

My personal story

My more personal (much longer) story would start something like this:

“Originally from Austria, I moved to the UK in 2000, shortly after graduating in Media and Corporate Communications … during my 15+year corporate career I managed often large-scale website and intranet development projects and business change programmes for organisations such as St John Ambulance, Save The Children and a few more”

and end something like this:

“Today, I turned my garden love into my profession, I also wear the marketing, admin and finance hat in my husband’s small business and, last but not least, I’m a cat mum and lover, keen-but-moderate yogi and the founder of The MechanicLondon Way.”