Garden transformation

Together with my husband we’ve transformed our own garden over the last 7+ years and it would give me enormous pleasure to pass on the learnings, the knowledge, the passion and the wellbeing we’ve gained and continue to gain from it.

The visual transformation

As the photos below demonstrate, the visual transformation we have achieved with our garden is obviously an enormous delight to the eyes.

I’m also keen to highlight the low cost of both, of the transformation as well as the ongoing maintenance. We’ve grown a lot from cuttings as well as DIY-ed everything from the design, the pathway, the pond and all the different sections, and most plants are annuals and perennials, evergreen and generally easy-maintenance. Besides, the transformation didn’t happen over night and also involved a lot of experimenting (and failing). So be patient and take pleasure in observing nature’s growth as well.

The stories

The other thing I love about our garden are the stories we can tell.

There are shrubs I’ve relocated from my previous home in a different part of London. There are shrubs grown from cuttings taken from a relative’s garden in Portsmouth. 80% of the flowers for our wedding table arrangements as well as my bouquet came from our own garden. My dad got us a special tree for our wedding. Having family in Australia and in Austria, we’ve nominated an Austrian corner (with a mini pond) and an Australian corner (with a Eucalyptus tree and more exotic palm plants). There’s also a wildflowers corner, and plenty of cat spots (and pots!) for our four-paw-ed family members.

The wellbeing

Most of all, I’d love to use our garden transformation to convey a few things about general wellbeing.

The attractive appearance of a garden naturally, touches our souls in delightful ways. Not least as it invites to spend time in the outdoors and in nature. I moreover, believe that it is the desire and intention to keep things tidy, which have a beneficial effect on our wellbeing as well. That’s because we all carry a ‘caring bug’ inside of us and by caring for our garden (and homes, streets, planet) we nurture that part of our true human nature ;)

The garden work itself can also be a fantastic way to boost one’s health (as this article Garden Your Way to Better Health: 7 Proven Ways Digging in the Dirt Is Good for You in Better Homes & Gardens magazine elaborates), however, some health conditions or also a lack of time can make it hard for homeowners to put in the work themselves.

This is when professional gardeners come in!

Because it’s still the intention and desire to look after your surroundings that counts and will enhance your wellbeing nevertheless ;)

If you’re in Harrow, Kenton, Stanmore, North Wembley and surrounding areas and you’d like to get your garden into tip top shape, I’d be delighted to help!

We may think we are nurturing our garden, but of course, it’s our garden that is really nurturing us.”
~Jenny Uglow




“A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul.” ~Sadi