Garden B catalogue of plants

In light of nature’s enormous abundance of plants, it’s rather impossible to name favorites, however, the below are some of the all-time favorites in my own garden, which I can recommend. More coming soon :)

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Shrubs and hedges
Euonymus japonicus – dense, evergreen shrub available in a variety of colour combinations; can be grown as shrubs, hedging or also coverage.
Red tip photinia ‘Red Robin’ shrub – super easy grow and maintain evergreen shrub; ideal as hedging or to bring colour into an otherwise ‘just green’ hedge; bright red leaf tips turn green as they mature.
Left: Prunus laurocerasus ‘Cherry Laurel’ – fast growing evergreen shrub, ideal for creating hedging; also great as a stand-alone; pretty white flowers in spring. Right: Rosemary – not just for cooking or home remedies, but lovely and easy-maintenance as an evergreen shrub.
‘Citrina’ – evergreen shrub with blue-grey, pinnate leaves; the heads of small, fragrant, lemon-yellow flowers bloom in early spring; easy propagatation with just a small cutting.
Mahonia aquifolium ‘Oregon Grape’ – evergreen shrub with glossy, slightly prickly leaves and gorgeous yellow flowers in early spring, followed by black or purple berries.
Ceanothus – evergreen shrub with impressive purple flowering display typically displaying in late spring and late summer (depending on species); can be trained along wall and for use as coverage plant as well.
Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ Tree – unfortunately, not an evergreen, but the deep purple foliage makes this a real stunner and watching it grow in the spring when the sun illuminates the growing leaves has a touch of magic.
Callistemon ‘Bottle Brush’ – evergreen, low-maintenance, draught-tolerant shrub with eye-catching fluffy red flowers (bottle brushes) during late spring and summer; easy propagation with just a small cutting.
Coverage plants and weed control
Decorative plants