Whilst I try to avoid over-formal terms and conditions, and whilst I pride myself on my thorough, flexible and personable approach, I believe that some things are best put in writing … so that we both know what to expect of each other and work well together.

Bookings and cancellations
Booking your garden maintenance or restoration session is straight forward, either in person on the day of my visit, or by WhatsApp, text, email or phone. The best way to secure your slot is via a regular rota.

Cancellations and emergencies happen. In light of my “no-work-no-pay” pattern (aka self-employment), the only thing I’d like to ask is that you give me as much as possible notice, so that I can attempt to offer your slot to another client.

Pricing and payment
My pricing is in line with the guidelines published by both, the Professional Gardener’s Guild and Checkatrade. I prefer payment by bank transfer, please, and I can provide invoices on request.

As a side note, I am a fully insured and HMRC registered business, I continuously invest in new tools and education, and I always bring a stock of waste bags, support wire and rooting powder with me, and although these are free of charge the intention here is to help out rather than supply if that makes sense.

Marketing and testimonials
Please be informed that I take ‘before and after’ as well as plant photos in your garden for posting on Garden B’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Similarly to my ‘more than pulling weeds’ ambition, my aim is not so much marketing my services as it is to share inspiration and fulfill my mission to nurture wellbeing and to create a ripple effect of caring not just for our gardens, but our homes, streets and our entire planet.

As I take care not to photograph your house or add any information that would identify it, I hope you’re in support of my mission, but will of course accept if you tell me not to publish photos of your garden.

Finally, if you’d be happy to recommend me, you can best do so on Nextdoor, either by simply liking Garden B’s page or by responding to searches for gardeners (and including a reference to @Garden-B in your response). You can also send me your kind words by Whatsapp or email for publishing on my website.

Thank you for trusting me, working with me and and for being part of my gardening journey πŸŒΏπŸŒ·πŸ›

Looking for a wellbeing present for your loved ones?

Garden care and maintenance or a tidy-up are wonderful and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Not just pleasing their eyes, but also giving them the gift of space – to breathe, to think and to enjoy – and ultimately, wellbeing.

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